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PLATE RACKS is nice and long, but I rarely hear that particular phrase and am more familiar with the one-letter-shy DISH RACKS. But sometimes that kinda crossing just comes with the territory. Which crosses PHR—and which I mistakenly filled in as PAR, and is simply wrong. Love is in the air (well, at least ONE LOVE is in the grid), and HEARTs are the common thread. (25A: [Caps Lock neighbor]) – Between 19, TAB Ramos was a fixture as a midfielder on the United States Men’s National Soccer Team, making 81 appearances and scoring eight goals for the Red, White and Blue in senior international competition.More entries in keeping with the day: I DOS, [Date]=SEE, [“Every kiss beings with ___”]=KAY, ELOPE, and EROS. of ‘homo-‘ before a vowel.” Can anyone think of an example? Born in Uruguay, Ramos was named the 1994 CONCACAF – the soccer governing body of North and Central America – Player of the Year.

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She can probably answer 25% of the clues without prompting, another solid batch with a little nudge (sometimes all it takes is “Oh, you should know 10-Down”), and the rest either not at all or with great difficulty. Even in a Monday puzzle, you’ve got your fair share of airport codes, or actresses from 70s TV shows, or words nobody on earth technically uses (CHOC, NEGS, ONER), but we allow the constructor to get away with them. A New York Times crossword has about 76 words in it.

I would just as soon give my daughter puzzles that are more appropriate for her age range: Not too big. Using words she either knows right off the bat, or words she can noodle out using the crossing letters. My puzzles, meant to be solved by kids in a single sitting, will have 18-30 words.

MAHRE was tough [Slalom medalist Phil], IDLERS is roll-your-owny, and then theres this: 40a [Opposite of heter-] HOM.

Simply enough, it is boat related, with a cute tie-in at the end. Hartman, involves theme entries in which letters G-E-N-E make up those answers’ extremities. There’s the term “nerd-chic” that’s thrown around for smart guys who are attractive because of their big brains. Since 2002, I think that’s now 10 parades that have been held because of championships won by the professional sports teams in the city.

I looked at it and said, “So now someone needs to set up some kind of voting system.” And then I said, “Well, it would be easy enough to get something going with a simple Google form…

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