Casual treffen Hamburg

durch  |  22-Apr-2017 00:00

This meeting shall provide a foundation for this maintenance activity. Der nächste reguläre Freie-Software-Abend findet am ab Uhr im Chaosdorf, Hüttenstr. On March 28, 2017 the President of FSFE, Matthias Kirschner is going to give a talk, under the title "The long way to empower people to control technology" at ISCTE – University Institute of Lisbon.

25, 40215 Düsseldorf, statt. The event is organised by our associated organisation, ANSOL and kindly supported by MOSS, the Open Source Masters programme in ISCTE, and ISCTE's ACM Student Chapter.

FSFE supporter Johan Thelin will host the conference which will also feature others from the FSFE as speakers. The No-Spy Conference mainly covers the topics protection of privacy and civil rights, and protection from surveillance and espionage.

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FSFE supporters will organise a small information booth and are looking forward to talk with the audience about Free Software in Europe.

Demokratie braucht den Schutz der Privatsphäre und Privatsphäre braucht den Schutz vor digitaler Überwachung.

Nach Abschluss des organisatorischen Teils bleiben noch Zeit für News und unmoderierte Gespräche. We are looking forward to meet and discuss with you! It is important that its use is casual and inviting and that information there is well structured, so it can be easily found and expanded.

Alle Informationen sind wie immer im Wiki zu finden: https://org/Events/Zurich/2017-04-13 On Monday and Tuesday, 3-4 April, the FSFE will be present with a small info and merchandise booth at the spring edition of the Linke Medienakademie. This requires continuous maintenance, of the content and workflow design. Gäste sind auch bei diesen Treffen wie immer herzlich willkommen.

Netzpolitischer Abend, organised by the Digitale Gesellschaft e. Title of the talk: „Limux: Wenn einem Leuchtturm der Strom abgestellt wird“ ("Limux: if you power off a lighthouse") . Hashtag for the event: #npa058 Simon from the local group Linz will be giving a lightning talk about Free Software business models and how they relate to Open Data at the Business Treff Open Data Day organized by the Vienna Business Agency.

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