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durch  |  22-Apr-2017 00:00

Some are related to geographical and natural factors, some are historical research concerns, while others concern human behaviors particular to Mesolithic culture in southern Scandinavia.

We are certainly aware of more analyses that have occurred and more bone material that remains unconventionally reported, but we focus here on data readily available in print.

Given the history and disparate description and publication of these data, we fully acknowledge that we have missed some.

We do so by discussing types of comparative analyses that are most likely to provide valuable information about the human past.

Lastly, we propose a series of recommendations that should inform and ensure the comparability of future Ertebølle research, and present our review as a case study in zooarchaeological meta-analyses.

Furthermore, there is a corpus of unpublished literature and there are sure to be new analyses to add to the existing dataset.

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