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The print and map collections had been indexed, and the serials inventoried.

Main Book Collection The Library presently holds more than 4,900 titles in its catalog, encompassing approximately 7,200 volumes.

Among Library holdings are the Main Book Collection of approximately 7200 volumes, including the Rare Book Collection (more than 500 volumes); a Serial Collection currently receiving more than 300 botanical, horticultural, and ecological journals and botanical garden/society newsletters; a microfiche collection of 141 titles and five herbaria (26,041 fiche); a Botanical Print Collection of 1600 botanical prints and 12,000 slides; as well as 100 video tapes and an assortment of CD ROMs.

Visitation and Checkout Procedures Volunteers and Members Consultation of the main book and journal collections is available during Library hours.

Checkout of duplicate books is allowed for a 2-week period.

The emphasis of the collection is on orchid and bromeliad families, though researchers also make use of the Library’s extensive holdings on ethnobotany, ecology, floristics, and systematic botany.

In keeping with the Gardens’ focus on epiphytes, the Library includes numerous volumes on the taxonomy of epiphytic plant families.

Even before Selby Gardens opened to the public in 1975, the Library had begun to acquire materials.

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