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durch  |  22-Apr-2017 00:00

The first Openstack Summit I attended, was the one in Vancouver Spring 2015, hold in the beautiful Convention Center at the harbor.

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[More] When escalating an issue, it is useful to have a structured method to describe it.

“Telling a story about the problem” may be good but this may not reveal the key points.

What is LAN-based, LAN-free and Server-free backup?

In a typical backup solution with IBM Spectrum Protect the backup client...

The Eckfeld basalt inverse isochron date of 44.3±0.4 Ma suggests an age for the Geiseltalian/Robiacian boundary at 44 Ma and, together with the 1995 time scale of Berggren et al., a time span ranging from 49 to 44 Ma for the Geiseltalian and from 44 to 37 Ma for the Robiacian, respectively.

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