Dating sider for gifte Læsø

durch  |  22-Apr-2017 00:00

When the timer stops, you are allowed to open the parcels you might have.

In the cities of Denmark you will see many Christmas markets, decorations and eating of the traditional fritters (æbleskiver).

The world famous Danish Christmas Seals celebrate their 103 anniversary this year.

That makes them the worlds oldest of their kind and it is probably only to be expected that the country which originally invented the postal system also created the Christmas seal.

Every Sunday a new candel is lit together with the one(s) already lit the previous Sunday.

This means that alle four candles - each one obviously shorter than the other(s) - are burning all together on the forth Advent Sunday.

All nursery schools, elementary schools, colleges, hospitals and institutions contribute to this national effort of making Christmas in Denmark both profound, warm and beautiful for every citizen.

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