En dating Odder

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She descends for the European debut of the Bangerz tour (delayed due to an adverse reaction to antibiotics, not, as reported by scandalhounds, an overdose - "it feels so good to be here and not lying in a hospital bed with some bitch nurse stabbing me," notes Miley sweetly) from her now-infamous tongue slide through a giant replica of her own face. Her video backdrop, designed by Ren & Stimpy creator John Kricfalusi, and her nightmarish cast of dancing cartoon characters (Katy Perry this ain't) subtly undercuts the inevitable crotch-centricity.

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The book is not malicious towards Charles, nor does it make any particularly head-clutching new discoveries.

Its main bias is in taking such an American approach that it expresses all monetary values in dollars and makes it seem that the Prince has spent half his life among Yanks.

One recurrent observation is that the Prince, while criticising materialism, expects luxury.

Flying to Hong Kong, he wrote in his journal “it puzzled me as to why the seat seemed so uncomfortable”. He evidently found it natural to announce, in his millennial Radio 4 Thought for the Day on January 1 2000, that “the likelihood of life beginning by chance is about as great as a hurricane blowing through a scrap yard and assembling a Rolls-Royce”.

Cyrus will change again, and she’s got wit and smarts to come up with better.

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