En dating Vesthimmerlands

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After the excavation, the house sites were marked with turf walls so the settlement plan is visible for the visitor today; furthermore, the moats have been emptied and the walls reconstructed.For a long time, the Borremose-fortification was the only known Iron Age fortified settlement in Scandinavia, until a similar construction was discovered at Lyngsmose near Ringkøbing in western Jutland in 1999.Previously, the substance was used in keeping with the regulations of the time, the damaging effects having been unknown.

The settlement consisted of what seem to be ordinary long houses though without byre.

At the most about 20 long houses may have been in use at the same time.

The museum centre presents many other interesting finds from western Himmerland, like Scandinavias oldest known human skull, 10,000 years old from the Maglemosian culture.

Since Borremose is so inaccessible, it is estimated to hold many interesting finds for the future.

Borremose is known for and identified with a former fortified settlement dating from the Pre-Roman Iron Age (400-100 BC) (Martens 1994)(Martens 2004) (Martens 2007) (Martens 2010) .

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