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At an altitude of about 3.800ft the R22 levelled off and the engine gradually lost power.

The helicopter was badly damaged in a subsequent emergency landing.

The investigating AIBN is of the opinion that the observed loss of engine power most probably was caused by carburetor icing.

--- At local time an Eurocopter EC135T2 "Pirol" of the German Federal Police crashed on a field close to highway A7 near Bimöhlen, 4kms E of Bad Bramstedt, Kreis Segeberg, Schleswig-Holstein, N Germany, and was completely destroyed by the impact.

The helicopter was ferried to Kassel/Calden Airport by means of truck--- Hughes 369 crashed into a vineyard between Zeltingen-Rachtig and Graach, near Bernkastel-Wehlen, Rheinland-Pfalz, W Germany, whilst on spraying duty.

Erfahrungen casual dating Erfurt

I disse kategorier finder vi nogle ret specielle arrangementer, som vi nok ikke får at se her i Danmark, hvor vi – har jeg erfaret – er lidt mere traditionelle, når vi skal ud og møde andre singler i virkeligheden.…
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On 8 October 1806, Napoleon's 180,000-strong army invaded the Electorate of Saxony through the Franconian Forest.…
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