Erotische dating Bonn

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However, there were high-class prostitutes working in the hotels of East Berlin and the other major cities, mainly targeting Western visitors; the Stasi employed some of these for spying purposes.

Street walkers and female taxi drivers were available for the pleasure of visiting Westerners, too.

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The Nazis did not entirely disapprove of prostitution though and instead installed a centralized system of city brothels, military brothels (Wehrmachtsbordelle), brothels for foreign forced laborers, and concentration camp brothels.

Between 19, camp brothels were installed in ten concentration camps, including Auschwitz.

In 2002, the government changed the law in an effort to improve the legal situation of prostitutes.

However, the social stigmatization of prostitutes persists and many prostitutes continue to lead a double life.

Prostitution in historically German lands has never been outlawed and been described since the middle ages.

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