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Beyond the town proper, the urban district comprises another 20 localities: The first mention of the settlement of Fürth, which had probably already existed for some time, was in a document dated 1 November 1007, in which the Emperor Heinrich II donated his property in Fürth to the newly created Bishopric of Bamberg.

The name "Fürth" derives from the German word for "ford", as the first settlements originated around a ford.

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It is now contiguous with the larger city of Nuremberg, the centres of the two cities being only 7 km apart. Fürth, Nuremberg, Erlangen and some smaller towns form the "Middle Franconian Conurbation", which is one of the 11 German metropolitan regions.

In the following years, Fürth was granted market privileges, but these were later lost to the neighbouring Nuremberg, under Heinrich III.

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