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Students further gain an understanding on managerial incentives in external reporting and in the resulting need to critically evaluate such reports from an outsider perspective, including empirical assessments of accounting quality and approaches for detecting earnings management.

We will discuss how to make inferences about strategic and operating business decisions using ratio analyses, highlighting how managerial decisions have direct consequences in financial reports.

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Ielts test dates mannheim

You will learn how to apply the present value rule and no-arbitrage arguments to value stocks, bonds and plain-vanilla derivatives.

Mean-variance portfolio choice is also introduced and includes an in-depth look into the Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) and the efficient market hypothesis.

You will learn directly from business leaders and industry experts who will guide you when working on real-life projects.

The IEU Labs will provide you with an internship-like experiences on campus, allowing you to work in consultancy and research for leading companies and organizations.

As in corporate life, teamwork will be essential to your success and you will work on case studies and projects with others to achieve results together.

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