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The forest is home to the largest populations of common goldeneye, green sandpiper and red-backed shrike in Denmark and near Nødebo at Lake Esrum, a noisy colony of great cormorants has found a home.

Cormorants can be a problematic bird to administer locally, but is protected in Denmark and is on list III in the Berne convention.

On top of that, Gribskov is designated as an Important Bird Area (IBA). 1,200 ha of the forest has been reserved as 'forest to be untouched', in an effort to preserve some of the few spots of semi-natural woodland (SNW) in Denmark and stimulate the growth of new.

Kæreste Gribskov

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Former wetlands were drained and many new tree species were introduced, especially European spruce. Artificial ditches are being filled to allow a more natural waterflow and the spruce plantations are cut down, to be naturally and quickly replaced by alder, birch and willow in coming years.

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