Kristen dating Læsø

durch  |  22-Apr-2017 00:00

The larger beasts of prey are extinct; even the red deer and wild boar have almost disappeared.

Foxes, martens, roes, and hares are still numerous, and along the shores seals may be seen.

In 1849 complete freedom of religious belief was legally guaranteed.

It yields common clay, kaolin, chalk, and some lignite.

The absence of metals and still more of good anthracite coal is greatly felt.

Beech and birch trees, ash and alder, some oaks, linden, and pines are found.

Three-fourths of the total area of the islands and of the east coast of Jutland is tilled land; the cultivation of grain, potatoes, and beets yields a large return.

Walnuts and mulberries ripen in due season, and in some places juicy grapes ripen on trellises.

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