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Similar characterisations of changes in subsistence strategies are, however, still sparse.

This project will address this through enhancing two key methodological approaches, age/mortality profiles and GIS spatial analysis.

The aim is to show that, in the presence of limited liability, individual banks grant credit to ex-ante riskier borrowers than is socially optimal.

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The fierce discussion on the , the central markets of the capital.

Everyday transactions with goods and food products took place in a context of local and social proximity and were completed face to face.

The proposed project offers an interdisciplinary and comprehensive presentation of the afterlives of three National Socialist extermination camps in Poland (Belzec, Sobibor and Treblinka).

Conceived as an empirically based and culturally oriented historical study, it aims to utilize the perspectives of cultural memory studies, heritage studies, critical spatial theory, dead body studies, affect theory, and art criticism.

Their desire to participate in the profits of capitalism was in stark contrast to the often bad reputation of speculation and of the person of the “speculator”.

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