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2) It’s a period drama – but don’t expect Downton Abbey Set in 1886, this a Victorian-era period drama – but don’t go thinking it’ll be all frocks and facial hair.

The story revolved around a Soho sex shop owner, Verloc, who’s sent undercover by the Russian embassy to infiltrate a group of anarchists.

In his telling, the female pope is not named, and the events are set in 1099.

According to Jean: Query: Concerning a certain Pope or rather female Pope, who is not set down in the list of popes or Bishops of Rome, because she was a woman who disguised herself as a man and became, by her character and talents, a curial secretary, then a Cardinal and finally Pope.

His wife Winnie is played by Vicky Mc Clure, so powerful in both Line of Duty and This Is England.

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