Senior date Gribskov

durch  |  22-Apr-2017 00:00

The executive director leads the ISCB staff and supports a diverse set of committees dedicated to specific issues that are important to the computational biology and bioinformatics community, including education, policy, and publications.

We advocate and provide leadership for resources and policies in support of scientific endeavors and to benefit society at large.

ISCB seeks to communicate the significance of computational biology to the larger scientific community, to governmental organizations, and to the general public; the society serves its members locally, nationally, and internationally; it provides guidance for scientific policies, publications, meetings, and distributes information through multiple platforms.

Michael Gribskov, then at UCSD's San Diego Supercomputer department and now at the department of biological sciences at Purdue University, was elected president in 2003.

That year ISMB took place in Brisbane, Australia, which was the first time the meeting was held outside North America or Europe.

The first issue of the new journal coincided with the opening day of ISMB 2005, held in Detroit, Michigan.

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