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durch  |  22-Apr-2017 00:00

I especially would like a female's perspective on this, as a male we think different of relationships and sex.

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He dates women, but hasn't been in any serious relationships. A nice number of times she didn't want me coming over to her apartment until late at night due to her roommate being asleep.

Am I justified in being very skeptical that things are just platonic now considering the circumstances?

She disregards his opinion on it being creepy that I am in her apartment now, and invites me over whenever, except when his kids are over, as they freely roam between apartments and she does like spending time with his kids.

Anyhow, my gut feeling is telling me that she has feelings for this guy.

How can you have feeling or sleep with your own family member? I care about him and perhaps will take a bullet for him, but love feelings? If your girlfriend slept with the roommate or whatever you are right, she must have had some kind of feeling for him. It is a physical void she wanted to fill, she tried it out with him. When I was young, my father (and mother, but she was out of the picture mostly), had a young female friend that adored my sister and I, and we adored her.

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