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The powerful waves suck away the sand from the beaches and they appear rockier than they actually are.

This creates sand deposits in the water near the beach and surfing can become more comfortable because you will have more sand at the bottom.

The North is the greener part of the island and has a flourishing subtropical flora and fauna.

Renting a board for 7 days costs more or less around €100.

If you are a beginner or you want to boost your surfing skills there are numerous attractive offers.

The Northern region is definitely less touristic and more quiet.

What both regions have in common is the reef-rocky topography that works best at high tide. Tenerife has a volcanic origin and a typical characteristic of the beaches is the black or dark sand. If you expected a Whitehaven kind of sand it may disappoint you though.

Later during the Summer it takes place the other way around and the beaches seem to gain volume again.

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