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Small but impressive: The play of colour and light on the facade.The lobby is home to an exhibition of compressors, oil pumps, control panels and historic fire extinguishers from the former Duisburg-Meiderich blast furnace works.Die Stadt selber hat schon längst den Ruf einer langweiligen Ruhrpott-Stadt abgelegt und man kann hier sowohl bei Tag, als natürlich auch bei Nacht, sehr viel unternehmen.

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Furthermore, many long distance trains, express trains as well as regional trains and urban rail lines stop at the Duisburg central train station.

If you like, you can also walk the 500 metres to the hotel. The Düsseldorf airport is only around 20 kilometres away from the hotel.

He died shortly thereafter at a nearby hospital, police said.

According to witnesses, several shots were fired at the “Bandidos Place” bar, which is a known meeting point for the similarly named Texas-based biker gang embroiled in a rivalry with the Hells Angels. Police are searching for several vehicles that were seen fleeing the bar after the shooting.

With creative ideas, ferrotel – that charming hotel in Duisburg's city centre – has turned industrial design into a hotel experience.

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