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By 1992 they were developed a range of fully hydrostatic soil stabilizer and recycler machines in cooperation with Wirtgen Group.A new range of tandem drum rollers the HD range was introduced in 1998.From the very beginning, this new development proves to be successful on different major construction sites.

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Hamm is a German company specialising in the manufacture of compaction equipment, for the road building industry and civil engineering applications based in Tirschenreuth, Germany. Brothers Anton and Franz Hamm, who were gunsmiths, founded the company in 1878 to build agricultural equipment.

This product range was subsequently taken on by Wirtgen Gmb H in 1999 following the companies take over by Wirtgen.

HAMM joined Wirtgen's line of Cold planers and the recyclers, and Vögele (pavers), to offer a complete range of Asphalt pavement related products from the expanded Group.

Introduced in 1965, rubber-wheeled rollers such as GRW 10 and GRW 15 have been built in almost in the same way for more than 40 years.

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