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Or simply pack the sled and enjoy a mulled wine in the après-ski hut. We benchmark a family of hybrid finite element–node-centered finite volume discretization methods (FEFV) for single- and two-phase flow/transport through porous media with discrete fracture representations.WE OFFER YOU A PLACE WHERE YOU MEET NEW PEOPLE AND FEEL COMFORTABLE. BE YOUOWN CHEF Pizza or a five-course meal for your date in your own apartment?

SHOWERPOWER Your spacious designer bathroom has a big shower, a large mirror and a toilet. MILESTONE considers this a MUST HAVE for contemporary students.

But the best thing about it is that you have got it all to yourself and do not have to share it with anyone. This way you can Skype your family abroad, download university documents or just surf the web.

FULLY EQUIPEDFITNESS ROOM Clear your mind and do something good for your body in the fitness room.

You’ll be doing yourself a favour keeping fit, and who knows, maybe you’ll be doing someone else a favour too!

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