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durch  |  22-Apr-2017 00:00

Me personally, I would like someone who remembers where they were when JFK or MLK were shot. Not saying if the right guy was to introduce himself to the both of us, I wouldnt close that door.

Its not how you are on the outside but whats inside that counts. Women are no longer cosidered the weaker sex, we get along just fine with out them. But, usually after a divorce the guy is usually broke and getting broker.

If unmarried they see all the singles dances and activities filled with women. Our men are feeling good about themselves and their finances and looking around for someone younger and more appealing someone to make them feel like the man they were when WE first got them.

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Take care of yourselves ladies, its not all that bad! the wife keeps the home and child support is so high that a guy can't find a place to live. So we have a situ where, where broke, and usually have no say in the upbringing of our kids. Now, as far as dating, any woman our age ain't interested, because she just divorced a guy that looks like me. I mostly get the younger guys but I prefer an older gentleman.

I can't tell you how many men have to move back in with their parents, siblings... And those younger babes aren't interested, because we're broke. But you no it really doesnt matter cause its what comes from the heart that count, not too young thou. I want someone who can talk about something other than how their work out went and what team is playing . HOW EVER I HAVE MADE 2 BAD CHOICE'S WHEN IT CAME TO DATING... DOESN'T MEAN IT HAS MADE ME UNHAPPY OR TO SEEK ANYTHING LESS THEN WHAT I SEEK IN A MALE. It's what you do with those lessons once you encounter them! This is usually where I end up getting into an argument and verbally abused!

However, on the other hand please never underestimate a woman because their minds never rest.

They seem to be planner's they want things to be organized and structured.

Woman have come a long way and they are still in general are a bit insecure about their image, their physical looks, and state of mind!

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