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But only when writing such things for their own kind do so-called foodies truly let down their guard, which makes for some engrossing passages here and there. The deeper an outsider ventures into this stuff, the clearer a unique community comes into view.In values, sense of humor, even childhood experience, its members are as similar to each other as they are different from everyone else. Vogue’s restaurant critic, Jeffrey Steingarten, says he “spends the afternoon—or a week of afternoons—planning the perfect dinner of barbecued ribs or braised foie gras.” Michael Pollan boasts in The New York Times of his latest “36-Hour Dinner Party.” Similar schedules and priorities can be inferred from the work of other writers.

“What blessed entity invented sugar and cacao pods and vanilla beans or figured out that salt can preserve and brighten anything?

” And I thought I knew where that sentence was going.

provincials have been content to reject the ordinary and artificial means by which honours have been perpetuated in families, and have substituted a standard which brings the individual himself to the ordeal of the public estimation, paying as little deference as may be to those who have gone before him.

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No more readable for being an artsier affair is chef Gabrielle Hamilton’s memoir, Blood, Bones and Butter.

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