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Asparagus that is more ivory colored than creamy and has traces of purple in the tip has had some exposure to the sun.

Off-white asparagus is only slightly less tasty than the creamy kind, but can be considerably cheaper.

Christopher De Marco has worked to add women faculty in electrical and computer engineering.

In the Asparagus Triangle, restaurants specializing in asparagus are as easy to find as steak houses in Texas, and chefs vie with one another to come up with new recipes.

There are supposedly more than 40 ways to prepare it, but menus almost always will include staples such as asparagus with Black Forest ham or salmon, asparagus with hollandaise sauce, asparagus salad, and cream of asparagus soup.

It's certainly true that both are ubiquitous on German family tables and restaurant menus.

There is another vegetable, however, that Germans are absolutely mad about and consume in massive amounts when they can: asparagus, and in particular, the delicately flavored white kind known here as ''the royal vegetable."White asparagus is a symbol of spring in Germany, a kind of culinary first crocus, and its annual arrival is a cause for national celebration.

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