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durch  |  22-Apr-2017 00:00

generating an excellent work environment that is creative, communicative, collaborative and cooperative.

We seek to understand the cell cycle entry decision and drug resistance by applying cutting edge technologies in conjunction with highly motivated and ambitious people.

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His laboratory is interested in various aspects of cell cycle entry.

In particular, his group aims to use gene editing technologies to dissect unperturbed and malignant cell cycle entry mechanisms.

Since July 2016, Manuel Kaulich is the head of the novel established Frankfurt CRISPR/Cas9 Screening Platform (FSCP).

This platform provides the required technical and bioinformatical expertise to perform single/multiple gene knockouts for functional studies using CRISPR/Cas and/or comprehensive, large scale, genome-wide and hypothesis-driven CRISPR/Cas-based screenings.

Wir entschieden und für die Sicht auf das Skyline-Plaza - alles richtig gemacht ;) Als Mitarbeiter im Vertrieb habe ich schon häufiger in verschiedenen Städten in Häusern der Kette übernachtet.

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