Single server queue simulation java code

durch  |  22-Apr-2017 00:00

Some examples (e.g., the single-server queue) are carried across two or three sections to illustrate different ways of implementing the same model.

The Java code of all these examples is available on-line from the SSJ web page (just type “SSJ iro” in Google).

Single server queue simulation java code-17

In Section Continuous simulation: A prey-predator system, we give a small example of a deterministic continuous simulation.

In Sections REF_examples_sec_jobshop and REF_examples_sec_timeshared, we give examples of a job shop model and a time-shared computer model, adapted from [107] .

While studying the examples, the reader can refer to the functional definitions (the APIs) of the SSJ classes and methods in the guides of the corresponding packages.

Each package in SSJ has its own user’s guide in the form of a document that contains the detailed API and complete documentation, and starts with an overview of one or two pages.

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