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Freital is located southwest of Dresden in the Döhlen Basin, through which the Weißeritz flows from south-west to north-east.The Windberg hill, is the town's local mountain and well-known landmark, rising about 100 metres above the valley floor.This could be for many reasons including an overdue invoice, a bandwidth overage issue, or a resource usage issue.

In 1571, coal was mined for the first time in Burgk and then three years later in Potschappel.

When the upper seams of coal were exhausted the shafts fell into disuse.

There is no further mention of the lords of Potschappel until the year 1309, but the lords of Döhlen are referred to in 1228 with the appearance of Arnold "de Zukerade" (the first mention of Zauckerode).

The Potschappel line may have become the lords of Sürßen, some of whom appear to have moved to Upper Lusatia.

There is some likelihood that this was a line of vassals of the burgraves of Dohna, who were heavily involved in the colonisation and expansion of their estates in the areas of Rabenau and Dippoldiswalde.

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