Stade single

durch  |  22-Apr-2017 00:00

The steel used within the WTC Memorial was donated by the St.Lucie/Martin chapter of the New York City Fire Department Retirees, while the St.For fans wanting autographs, the bullpens are the best place to be, as the pitchers and catchers gathered there will often sign their signatures on various artifacts between innings.

Inside, things werent much better, and to get there fans first had to ascend ramps to the grandstand, a la Shea.

Today, the ramps are still there but the concrete that was a hallmark of the tall exterior facade has been replaced, starting with redbrick at the base.

Banners of those moments and player action shots are also interspersed throughout the concourse.

Three rows of Premium Box seats are so close to the field that the five sections within which they are contained are bookended with plexiglas to separate them from the dugouts.

As a result, the Mets are still in town after their original 15-year lease ran down and the stadium in which they play their spring training games looks and feels less like a scaled down version of where they formerly played their regular season games (Shea Stadium) than it did at the outset.

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