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durch  |  22-Apr-2017 00:00

Ten years of queer “guerrilla” activism: A short history of the Beijing Queer Film Festival During its ten-year-long existence, the Beijing Queer Film Festival has encountered its fair share of official trouble.

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Guerrilla activism in general works to empower marginalized groups by creating a temporary platform for transmitting their voices and experiences, and works relatively independently of established channels and vehicles of communication and organization.

These strategies are of particular relevance in China, where authorities regularly but quite unpredictably, censor and crack down on dissenting activities.

The referent of Chinese specificity, he suggests, often works to establish China as existing in the past, lagging behind in queer developmental progress, or to place China as exceptional, and categorically outside of, and hence irrelevant to, queer theory.

In other words, China is important only insofar as it is positioned as a categorical and negative opposite to a generic ‘west’ and to queer scholarly inquiry.

The first two festivals (in 20) were marked by official interruptions and bans, forcing the organizers to keep their festival underground and far away from official eyes.

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