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“Data-sharing avoids duplication of multiple, separate databases and results in conservation of research funds, ultimately leading to availability of funds for other studies and more investigators,” the authors add.

A CNTR member, the National Trauma Institute is administering the grant and managing the development of the NTRR.

The article presents the Coalition for National Trauma Research (CNTR) advocacy and research activities, with a focus on the National Trauma Research Repository (NTRR), now under construction with the support of a Department of Defense grant.

The NTRR is a data-sharing platform that will facilitate exchange of research and knowledge between civilian and military researchers, reduce redundancy and maximize research funding.

Eastridge’s findings to the home front, where more than 190,000 Americans died from traumatic injury in 2014, that would mean 47,500 deaths could have been prevented—deaths that occurred on the nation’s roadways, in private homes and in remote areas of the country. Eastridge noted that the percentage of survivors would likely be far greater.

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